C52 Sewer Mole

C52 Sewer Mole

C52 Sewer Mole – a sewer and drain cleaning nozzle is used to clean sewer and drain pipes from mud and other deposited debris.

The high-pressure water breaks layers deposited on the sewer or drain pipe wall directing the nozzle in the opposite direction to enable its motion with the hose in the sewer pipe. Pressure water is provided by a hydrant or a pump via a C52 hose.

Nozzle includes:

Nozzle shell duralumin piece
Nozzle insert duralumin piece with a 2" thread
Nozzle jet brass piece, full or with a jet
Nozzle flow rate: 460 l/min at pressure 0.4 MPa
Weight: 0.9 kg with a C52 Al coupling
Cat. No. vv 229

Connection of the nozzle to the hose by a C52 coupling. Minimum diameter of the drain pipe wall, sewer pipe, etc. is 130 mm.

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