Portable floating pump PH-1200 GCV or PH-1200 GSV

Portable floating pump PH-1200 GCV or PH-1200 GSV

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Description of the PORTABLE FLOATING PUMP PH-1200 GCV
or PH-1200 GSV

Configuration  engine Honda GCV 190 or Honda GSV 190
 pump type centrifugal – aluminium casing
float polyethylene block with handles

The design of the GSV model line engines is based on the well proven design of the GCV model line engines.The reason for the change in the design was a longer life of the engines.
Main modifications to the GSV engines compared to the GCV design include:
- different piston
- dual air filter
Application: The device can be used by fire brigades to replenish fire engine tanks with water from outdoor natural water sources. It can also be used to pump out water from flooded areas and rooms and for other applications, e.g. agriculture, building sites, etc.
The pump casing of Al alloy is bolted to the engine flange and the float. The bottom side of the casing is fitted with a plastic screen to prevent access of dirt and debris exceeding 20 mm in diameter. The delivery outlet is fitted with a B75 hose coupling.
The float body is made of polyethylene by centrifugal injection as one block. The internal wall has about 20 mm of lightweight polyurethane foam in order to increase resistance to breakthrough which guarantees unsinkability of the device. This design of the float features outstanding stability on the water surface.The two handles are used both for carrying and handling the unit and also for fixing a rope to secure it in its position. The design of the pump allows „dry“ run without damage.
Warning: The pump must not be run in enclosed areas as there is a danger of carbon oxide poisoning!!!

Main specifications
max. flow rate: 1321 l/min
max. delivery head: 15 m
Outlet coupling: Storz B75
Engine Honda GCV 190 or Honda GSV 190
Max. output: 3.8 / 5.1 (3600)   kW / HP (rev/min)
Cylinder volume: 187 cm3
Consumption: 1.3 l/hour 
Weight: GCV 12.3 kg;  GSV 13.8 kg
Dimensions: 820x600x200 (mm)
Weight: 8,75 kg
Complete device
Weight: 29 kg
Standby weight: 30 kg
Dimensions: 900x600x430 (mm)
Cat. number with GCV engine vv 224
Cat. number with GSV engine vv 226

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