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Backpack with basic set of equipment, designed especially for extinguishing forest fires or fires in hard-to-reach terrain.

The Basic set contains:


1x backpack BAG 4H

4x PH-Action D25 hose in the length of 20 m

1x C-DCD distributor

2x adjustable combined nozzle D 25

1x hose strap


The backpack BAG 4H is made of waterproof Cordura® fabric coated with PU coating on the inside. It is equipped with wide shoulder straps allowing adjustment for different heights of figures.

Comfort is provided by a softened padded back. The soft inner liner is also fitted on the front of the bag to protect the hoses. The backpack is equipped with a handle for easy carrying.


The PH-Action D25 hose is an insulated fire hose designed primarily for professional and voluntary fire brigades. It can be used at temperatures from -30°C to +70°C. The hose is marked by three colour strips: blue-red-blue. The outside colour of the polyester fibre is white; the inside rubber liner is black. The four hoses are provided with aluminum couplings.


The distributor C – DCD is used for division of a water stream of 52 into two streams of 25 and one of 52. The outlets are equipped with ball valves providing the possibility of closing and regulating the individual streams.


The adjustable combined nozzle D 25 is designed for fighting fires by full jet or stream with smoothly adjustable spraying angle.


The hose strap is a rope with an eyelet on one side and a wooden peg on the other. It is used primarily for secure attachment of pressure hoses.


The weight of the whole set is about 17 kg.



Item: Bag 4H Basic

Cat. number: vv 820

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