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One-hook portable fire ladder

One-hook portable fire ladder is designed for use during fire-fighting activities as well as fire sport. All the materials used were selected in view of the exceptional stress during its use.

ll parts of the one-hook portable fire ladder (except the rungs) are made of light alloy. The rungs are made of beech-wood and equipped with sleeves, fitted in the side rails and at points of the 1st, 2nd, 4th , 7th , 10th and 12th rungs they are clamped with bolts. The 2nd and 13th rungs are of light alloy and they enable fixinf a counterweight for balancing. The 13th rung is  a pipe.

The hook is fixed to the 10th and 12th rungs. In the bend and at the top it is reinforced by riveted plates. All materials were chosen with respect to the extreme stress which the ladder may be exposed to during fire-fighting activities and fire sport.

Weight:8.55 kg
Length:4090 mm
Width:300 mm
Material:light alloy; rungs of beech-wood
Max. load:110 kg
Cat. No.:vv 131

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