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PH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting PumpPH-ALFA Fire Fighting Pump
The PH-ALFA, fire fighting pump is equipped with a Honda GX 630 V-Twin 4-stroke engine. The engine is covered by 3-year warranty. The pump features a very low weight, only 84,4 kg (dry weight with the battery), and a compact design.
With its low weight and small size, it is easy to carry by only two firefighters to a location close to fire even in narrow and uneven terrain. The pump inlet is 4” with a strainer and 1x outlet 2,5” equipped with a ball valve. The pump is equipped with an anti-vibration frame and hinged handles.
We offer two types of fire fighting pumps: with a built-in or separate tank.

PH-ALFA engine driven pump features

  • professional two-cylinder air-cooled four-stroke OHV petrol engine with automatic mechanical speed control
  • high-performance pump chamber
  • fixed engine-pump assembly as one construction block
  • anti vibration support of the aggregate
  • robust, ergonomically designed tubular frame
  • electric starter
  • conventional fuel
  • allows long-term full load
  • speed control
  • gas vacuum pump
  • pressure gauge at the outlet from the chamber
  • ball valve at discharge
  • system monitoring of oil level
  • ceramic mechanical seal
  • equipped with lighting
  • operating hour counter
  • tank equipped with fuel gauges.
  • bronze impeller

Description of the device:

Basic configuration
Engine:HONDA 630 GX
Pump casing:high grade aluminium alloy (hydronal)
Pump cover:high grade aluminium alloy (hydronal)
Frame:welded steel

The pump is fixed to the motor forming one unit. Therefore, it cannot be used separately. The motor shaft passes through the pump casing equipped with a seal. The pump casing has a cover with a suction port and discharge port with a ball valve. Never operate the pump without water as this may cause overheating leading to damage to the pump.

Roll bar frame is welded from steel tubes with paint finish. The device is provided with hinged handles to help with the handling of the pump. It can be equipped with a built-in metal tank or plastic detachable portable tank.

Warning: The pump must not be run in enclosed areas as there is a danger of carbon oxide poisoning!!!

Main Specifications:

Max. flow2 090 l/min
Flow at 0,5 MPa1 029 l/min
Flow at 0,6 MPa789 l/min
Total head80 m
Max. suction depth8 m
Suction connectionStorz A110 (4”)
Discharge connectionStorz B75 (2,5”)
EngineHonda GX 630
Engine power15.5 kW / 20.8 HP
Integrated fuel tank capacity13 l
Separate fuel tank capacity12 l
Fuelunleaded petrol (BA 95)
Device dimensions separate tank (L x W x H)750 x 560 x 670 mm
Device dimensions integrated tank (L x W x H)750 x 560 x 700 mm
Dry weight of the separate tank1,6 kg
Dry weight (empty)84,4 kg
Weight (with full tanks)99,4 kg
Cat. numbervv 289


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