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PH Mix Admixing TubePH Mix Admixing Tube
Effective firefighting action with lower consumption of water and higher firefighting effect? It is the PH Mix admixing tube.

PH Mix admixing tube for keeping the wetting agent insert is made up of an Al alloy tube of silver colour anodized finish and a perforated basket to insert the cartridge in (fill). When inserting the basket its bottom should be at the water outlet.

The inlet and the outlet are fitted with black colour anodized flanges with threads to connect to fire hose couplings. Of the two types available, C-C type is fitted with the C52 rigid fire couplings and B-B type is fitted with the B75 rigid fire couplings.

The solid wetting agent cartridge (fill) is in the admixing tube kept in a perforated tube-shaped basket of stainless steel sheet enabling en easy exchange of the cartridge. The design of the basket allows a sufficient amount of water to flow through the tube. An arrow on the tube marks the direction of water flow and the maximum operating pressure.


Tube typeC - CB - B
Weight without couplings and cartridge:1,22 kg1,22 kg
Weight with couplings:1,68 kg1,92 kg
Length without couplings:235 mm235 mm
Max. length with couplings:295 mm310 mm
Max. diameter without couplings:85 mm85 mm
Max. diameter with couplings:98 mm117 mm
Catalogue number:vv 270vv 272

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