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PH - VH 450 Suction and Discharge Hose with a FramePH - VH 450 Suction and Discharge Hose with a FramePH - VH 450 Suction and Discharge Hose with a Frame
The flexible suction and discharge hose is designed for the booster fans PH-VP450, PH-VP450E, PH-VP450E3.

The hose with a connection flange is used for the ventilation of smoke filled areas. It is an accordion type hose fitted with steel flanges at both ends and mounted in a tubular frame. It consists of a spiral reinforcement of steel wire and 5-layered aluminum laminate with a total thickness of 45 microns. Its temperature resistance is from -30 to +140 oC .

It has self-extinguishing capability. The combination of these materials provides excellent flexibility and strength. One end of the hose is fixed to a portable transport frame. The other free end with a flange is designed to be attached to the fan.


Length of the hose in extended state:4 850 mm
Hose diameter:500 mm
Dimensions in transport position:610 x 610 x 580 mm
Weight:9.2 kg
Cat. numbervv 472


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