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PH Hose bridgePH Hose bridgePH Hose bridgePH Hose bridgePH Hose bridgePH Hose bridge
PH Hose bridge provides protection for hoses or cables etc. by means of two channels, each of 85 mm in diameter, while insuring a method of safe passage for heavy fire-fighting machinery or other vehicles.

It is possible to use two single PH bridges or the bridges can be locked using special locks to form the necessary width. The patented locks are also used to handle the bridges. Design of the bridges allows their use on any surface.


Weight:16 kg
Max width:445 mm
Passage width:350 mm
Length:800 mm
Height:105 mm
Material:rubber SBR PH
Max load per bridge:7 tons
Cat. No.:vv 400


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