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Portable floating pump PH-Poseidon 1200 BSPH - Poseidon 1200 BSPH - Poseidon 1200 BS
The device can be used by fire brigades to replenish fire engine tanks with water from outdoor natural water sources. It can also be used to pump out water from flooded areas and rooms and for other applications, e.g. agriculture, building sites, etc.

Description of the FLOATING PUMP PH-Poseidon 1200 BS

ConfigurationengineBriggs & Stratton 850 Series
pump typecentrifugal – aluminium casing
floatpolyethylene block with handles
runnercast iron casting

The pump casing of Al-alloy is bolted to the engine flange and the float. The bottom side of the casing is fitted with a stainless grid to prevent access of dirt and debris exceeding 10 mm in diameter. The delivery outlet of the PH – POSEIDON 1200 BS is fitted with a Storz B75 (2,5") hose coupling.

The new float body is made of polyethylene by centrifugal injection as one block. The floater with its new design is equipped with a removable tank. The tank is connected with a fuel hose to the original fuel system. This modification extends the pumps run time for several hours without refilling. The integrated handles make it easy to handle and carry the pump and can also be used to fix a rope to prevent the pump from floating away.

The design of the pump allows dry-running without damage.

Main specifications:

Max. flow1 309 l/min
Total head18 m
Discharge connectionStorz B75 (2,5")
EngineBriggs & Stratton 850 Series
Engine power4,1 kW / 5,5 HP
Fuel tank capacity1 l
Fuel capacity additional tank3.8 l
Fuelunleaded petrol (BA 95)
Float dimensions (L x W x H)710 x 610 x 375 mm
Device dimensions (L x W x H)710 x 610 x 375 mm
Dry weight (empty)25,2 kg
Cat. numbervv 439

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