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Booster fan PH-VP450/GXBooster fan PH-VP450/GXBooster fan PH-VP450/GXBooster fan PH-VP450/GXBooster fan PH-VP450/GX
A compact, portable and easy-to-control booster fan PH-VP450/GX is intended for quick ventilation of smoky areas during fires using overpressure - positive pressure ventilation. Its use facilitates fire actions in structures with dense smoke reducing concentration of noxious and explosive gases.

The booster fan works on the principle of creating a positive pressure in structures in a mechanical manner using a rotor-turbine which produces a powerful and directed flow of air used for ventilation of the area. It is intended to fight smoke, gases, high temperature and for drying of buildings. WARNING: The device may not be used in enclosed spaces! Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning!

Main Specifications:

Rated output16 700 m3 / hod
Total output45 600 m3 / hod
EngineHonda GX 200
Engine power4.1 kW / 5.5 HP
Fuel tank capacity3.1 l
FuelUnleaded petrol (BA 95)
ImpellerPositive pressure, 6 vanes, diameter 450 mm
Max. air speed100 km / hour
Turbine inclination angleAdjustable 0 - 18°
Device dimensions (L x W x H)490 x 555 x 600 mm
Dry weight (empty)33 kg
Total weight35,6 kg
Cat. numbervv 477/GX


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