Upravit stránku

We have designed for you an ultra-lightweight distributor intended for fire-fighting competition but also for the common fire-fighting action.

Its weight has been reduced by 0.5 kg. The body and flanges are made of special lightweight magnesium alloy. The distributor is used to divide a 75-mm water line into one 75-mm and two 52-mm streams. The outputs are fitted with ball valves to shut off or control each stream.

The control levers are of steel to be more durable. Angles of the “C” outlets are more acute, from 90° to 80°, to enable better unrolling of hoses during a fire-fighting action. The distributor is fitted with forged couplings.


Weight:4,68 kg
Working pressure:1,6 MPa
Height:205 mm
Width:360 mm
Depth:340 mm
Material:Mg alloy
Input:1 x B75
Output:2x C52, 1x B75 (STORZ)
Cat. No.:vv 264

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