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Fan PH-VP450E3Fan PH-VP450E3Fan PH-VP450E3
A compact, portable, easy-to-use three-phase fan PH-VP450E3 is designed for rapid venting and cooling of smoke-filled spaces during a fire, either by means of overpressure, or by negative pressure ventilation, extracting smoke and heat.  Its use helps firefighters in smoke-filled buildings reducing the concentration of harmful and explosive gases.

It is driven by a three-phase electric motor with an output of 1.5 kW.
The rotor of the fan is fixed to the motor forming one unit protected by a spray-coated metal guard and grille.
The fan features a spray-coated tubular steel frame resting safely on plastic feet. The engine hood is on both ends fitted with clamping fixtures to connect suction or discharge hoses PH-VH450.

Main specifications:

Rated output10 135 m3/hour
Total output27 365 m3/hour
Motor power1,5 kW
Rotor5 vanes; Ø 450 mm
Max. air speed170 km /hour
ProtectionIP 54
Dimensions (L x W x H)605 x 550 x 465 mm
Weight28.6 kg
Noise level90 db at 1m

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