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Hydrant Systems

30. 11. 1999

Hydrant systems

Complete systemsCabinets 

We produce world class hydrant systems which feature strength, stability and a modern look. The steel and stainless steel hydrant cabinets include an arm, reel, hose, nozzle and valve.

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Pumps and Accessories

30. 11. 1999

Pumps ansd accessories

Fire Fighting Pumps Suction strainersSewage PumpsFloating pumpsSuction hosesPower generators

We offer sewage and fire pumps of our own design. Get a portable floating fire pump for fire fighters or industry.

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30. 11. 1999


We supply insulated fire hose for professional and volunteer firefighters and industrial use. Get fire hose for action, sport or transport of water with impurities.

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Nozzles, Fittings

30. 11. 1999

Nozzles, fittings

NozzlesCouplingsHydrant valvesHose capsAdaptorsOther products

Choose fire nozzles for sport or action, with low water consumption and gradually adjustable. Fire nozzles are made ​for effective extinguishing by full jet and shower spray or fog.

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Power Generators

30. 11. 1999

Power generators

PH generators are designed for a wide range of applications, e.g. construction sites, road works, disaster relief operations, firefighting, but also for supplying power to sensitive equipment (types with AVR). Generators from Pavliš a Hartmann are affordable and reliable power supply sources.

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Other Products

30. 11. 1999

Other products

Valve Rope | FirehookHose reel | Booster fan

You can count on quality accessories for firefighting equipment. We manufacture ladders, hose coilers and other useful tools to facilitate firefighting action, training and maintenance of the equipment.

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Firefighting equipment recommended by professionals

When it comes to firefighting equipment, then high-quality is necessary

We have been manufacturing firefighting equipment since 1991. During that time, we have delivered more than 10 million meters of hose and 150,000 hydrant systems. Being the manufacturer of fire equipment, we are able to provide you the shortest lead times, excellent servicing, professional advice and technical support.

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