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Brand: Pavliš and Hartmann

The most durable hose on the market is based on the PH Zásah D25 hose. Usable for temperatures from -30°C to +70°C.

The most durable hose on the market is based on the PH Zásah D25 hose, in which we increased the working pressure to 40 bar by strengthening the warp by knurling, and at the same time, there was a significant increase in resistance to abrasion.
The destruction pressure of this hose exceeds 80 bars.
The outer color of the high-strength PES yarn used is iridescent, the inner insert is black EPDM rubber.

The hose is standardly equipped with brass couplings for a pressure of 40 bar and a length of 20 meters.
Can also be ordered without connectors in a length of 20 meters.

Trade name PH - D25 high pressure
Inner diameter - 25 mm
The smallest breakdown pressure - 8 MPa
Test pressure - 6 MPa
Working pressure - 4 MPa
Weight with clutches - 3.2 kg/20

cat. number-  hvv 177

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