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Pavliš a Hartmann hydrants are reliable equipment for the basic fire protection of buildings. They are immediately available effective firefighting products with continuous water supply. In our hydrant system production, we employ the latest technologies so as to provide real quality.

Our professional team of engineers keep developing ever more effective hydrants which are in compliance with all the CSN EN ISO 9001 standards. If you are interested in quality products to enhance fire safety of a building, then do not hesitate to contact us!

Basic requirements for proper installation of hydrants

In our offer you will find several types of hydrant systems which can be installed in different ways. The recess-mounted hydrants have their cabinets replaced with frames made of solid steel profiles. On the other hand, the wall mounted hydrants provide easier solutions as they do not require mounting in wall recesses. The relevant standard specifies that a hydrant system must be installed at 1.1 - 1.3 m above the floor when measured from the centre of the reel. The building owner must ensure there is free access to the hydrant, free handling area and enough space for a 180-degree swing of the door.

We offer modern hydrant systems with semi-rigid hose which require one person only for their operation. We also manufacture special foaming hydrants with a 7-minute operation time; after this time they are used as water hydrants.

The surface finish is made using textured powder coating designed for indoor environments(optionally, outdoor version can be provided on request).


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