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Floating suction strainer – screw fitting 110Floating suction strainer – screw fitting 110

The floating suction strainer A110 is designed to pump water from natural resources - lakes, rivers. Its main advantage is pumping water several centimeters below the water surface, this avoids clogging of the strainer and pumps by polluted surface water, or as in the case with traditional strainers, sludge from the bottom of the water source.

The floating suction strainer consists of a floater with an integral carrying handle, a ring for attaching a rope and a strainer provided with a suction grill with a rubber non-return valve. The suction strainer is equipped with a suction hose coupling with a RD 130 thread and is connected to the floater by using hinges. Remaining water in the suction system can be disposed by pressing the non-return valve on the suction strainer.


Weight5,4 kg
Length555 mm
Width250 mm
Height510 mm
Cat. No.vv 412

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