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This new type of PH PROGRESS power generator RD 5500 of the company Pavliš and Hartmann belongs to the most powerful machines of the PH Progress series of the latest generation, and is being used for the independent production of electric current based on a gasoline engine.

The PH PROGRESS power generator RD 5500 is designed to power a variety of electrical devices and is provided with an industrial 3-pole socket 230V 16A. This type of generator can be used in a wide industrial spectrum, such as during cultural and sports facilities, but also for connecting caravans or boats. With the combination of a drive unit and top quality alternator, professional electrical and mechanical design and careful workmanship, you can have a device which is ready for long, challenging and dynamic operation. The RD 5500 power generator is equipped with transport wheels and with a folding handle for better handling.

Main Specifications:

Operating Power5 000 W
Voltage220 - 240 V
Current21,7 A
Voltage regulationAVR
Start manually
Engine4-stroke OHV 
Engine volume 389 (cm3)
Fuel tank capacity25 l
Fuelunleaded petrol, min octane. number 95
ProtectionIP 23
Device dimensions (L x W x H)810 x 560 x 575 mm
Dry weight (empty)    94,3 kg



  • Current protection
  • Oil sensor
  • Small fairing
  • Transport wheels
  • Folding handle


Cat. numbervv 504

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