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Hose reel 25/60Hose reel 25/60Hose reel 25/60
This hose reel is designed to be mounted on fire engines, but can be installed elsewhere. It can be fitted to the floor, wall and ceiling.

The hose reel is avery effective means of fire fighting. It features D-25 semi-rigid hose coated with abrasion-resistant polyurethane-based layer. As standard, the hose is fitted with the Tajfun-Profi D nozzle which can smoothly change the stream pattern from full jet to spray or even to afog screen, and to shut off the nozzle. The nozzle can be equipped with asolid wetting agent cartridge to make effective use of the extinguishing agent when fighting car or flat fires, extinguishing dusty agents, etc.


Dimensions (W x L x H)525 x 690 x 585 mm
Weight:27 kg
Hose:D25 semi-rigid, 60m long
Connecting hose:D25 semi-rigid, 2m long
Nozzle:Tajfun-Profi D
Max. working pressure:1,6 MPa

Max. discharge range(m)

Full jet91213,51620222224
Spray 125°2,5566666,56,5

Flow rate (L/min)

Pressure (MPa)0,20,40,60,811,21,41,6
Full jet35607690105110115125
Spray 125°37668694117135141148
Cat. numbernv 250


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