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Hydrant foam system with D25 semi-rigid hoseHydrant foam system with D25 semi-rigid hoseHydrant foam system with D25 semi-rigid hose
Hydrant foam system with D25 semi-rigid hose is yet another of the certified fire fighting systems marketed by Pavliš a Hartmann.

Hydrant foam system with D25 semi-rigid hose is yet another of the certified fire fighting systems marketed by Pavliš a Hartmann. This product diversifies the complete line of D19, 25 and 33 hydrant systems with semi-rigid hose with the first already certified type of foam-inducing system. The system uses an admixer and a foam inducing nozzle designed by Pavliš a Hartmann.

The system includes

  1. Steel cabinet with reel (W 950 x H 650 x D 285); surface treated with RAL 3000 (red) powder coating for indoor environment.
  2. D25 admixer for HS application with G1” ball valve.
  3. D25 connecting hose 1.4 m long.
  4. D25 hose 20 or 30 m long.
  5. Tank with foamer (15 L).
  6. Fire foam inducing nozzle for heavy foam with a ball valve.
  7. Suction hose with a stainless steel tube.


The hydrant foam inducing system is designed for initial firefighting using heavy foam. The contents of foamer can be used for the period of 7 minutes at least. The system is normally equipped with a jet for the application of 3% foamer. Depending on where the system is situated the suitable foamer is to be consulted with the design engineer

The tank with foamer can only be opened in the case of an action. Otherwise there is a danger of foamer degradation.

The equipment can also be used for firefighting using water. In such a case, the suction valve of the admixer shall be closed. After each action with the use of foamer, the whole system is to be flushed with clean water by removing the suction stainless-steel tube from the tank with foamer and inserting it in a tank with clean water. Then open the suction valve of the admixer and flush the whole system thoroughly.

The equipment is designed for frost-free indoor environment. Water – foamer 3%

(accuracy of admixing approved to ČSN EN 13565-1, Article 7; 2.5 mm orifice)

Pressure (MPa)0.2±0.0050.3±0.0050.4±0.0050.5±0.0050.6±0.005
Flow rate (L/min)37.343.6 48.6 53.3 57.6
Discharge range (m)7891010
Suction (g)11501400160017501750
% of admixing33.2 3.23.23

Specifications of quality parameters of foam (under ČSN EN 1568-3)

  • Foaming number is 3.7 – 6.4 at pressure 0.2 – 0.4 MPa.

Description of the system

The hydrant foam inducing system includes a reel with D25 semi-rigid hose max. of 30 m on a swinging arm installed in a cabinet, 1.4 m connecting hose of the same diameter, D25 fire nozzle for heavy foam, admixer with the main ball valve and a 15-litre tank with foamer.

The nozzle (equiv. to 7) includes the body made of light weight alloy with holes for air suction and plastic coating for safety grip and protection against cold, and a D25 lever-operated ball valve with connecting thread 1”. The positions are marked with arrows and symbols ON-OFF.

The admixer is installed before the reel. It includes a body with diffuser of brass, a 3/8” ball valve of the foamer suction system with a replaceable jet and suction hose ended with a stainless tube. In case of an action, this tube is inserted into the tank with foamer located in the cabinet. At the inlet, the admixer is fitted with a DN25 ON-OFF ball valve and at the outlet with a male thread G 1” to which the connecting hose is fastened. The direction of water flow is marked with an arrow on the admixer body.

The cabinet is made of steel sheet with textured RAL 3000 (red) tint powder coated surface. Cabinet dimensions are 950 x 650 x 285 mm. It is divided into two parts. One part contains the reel with hose and the nozzle and the other part houses the admixing equipment and a 15-litre foamer tank. Two variants of the system are available. The left hand version has the water inlet and tank in the left hand part of the box while the right hand version has these on the right hand side. The closing system is secured with a plastic lock allowing application of a seal. The cabinet is designed for indoor environment.

Installation of the system is similar to that of the other fire hydrant systems manufactured by Pavlis a Hartmann.

DimensionDoorHoseFire nozzleCat. No.
950 x 650 x 285solid20 m of D25foam-inducingsvv 302
950 x 650 x 285solid30 m of D25foam-inducingsvv 301


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