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Hose coiler

Hose coiler is used to roll up fire hoses, e.g. after a fire action, exercise or competition.

It is possible to roll up both dry and wet hoses. The hose end is fixed to the revolving fork and then you push the coiler forward to roll up the hose which is guided by two flanges.

The whole process takes about 10 – 15 seconds. Its small dimensions, light weight and ease of operation makes the coiler a great help.


Designation:Hose coiler 20-B/C Pavliš a Hartmann
Use:Rolling-up hoses on the site
For hoses:Hose B and C max. length 20 m
Weight:7 kg
Outer dimensions (mm):working position 380 x 1200, folded up 380 x 750
Material:Aluminium and stainless steel
Cat. No.:vv 169

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