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This hose can be used for temperatures from -30 ° C to + 70 ° C.

The outer red resistant layer is made of high-strength PES yarn with a polyurethane treatment to increase abrasion resistance. The inner liner is black rubber.

PH - ACTION EXTREM hoses are designed for fire-fighters for use in normal and demanding conditions.

The hoses are less absorbent and easier to clean.

Technical details hoses PH - ACTION EXTREM

 PH - Action D25 coupling MsPH - Action C42 coupling AlPH - Action C52 coupling AlPH - Action B65 coupling AlPH - Action B75 coupling Al
Hose length20 m20 m 20 m20 m20 m
Inside diameter (mm)2542526575
Least fault pressure (MPa)74,94,94,94,9
Testing pressure (MPa)4,52,42,42,42,4
Working pressure (MPa)31,61,61,61,6
Hose weight (g/m)136250274368414
Hose weight with couplings (kg/20m)3,235,376,138,088,95

Trade name

    Comes with

Catalogue No.

PH-EXTREM D25with Ms couplinghvv 229
PH-EXTREM D25without couplinghvv 228
PH-EXTREM C42with Al couplinghvv 221
PH-EXTREM C42without couplinghvv 220
PH-EXTREM C52with Al couplinghvv 223
PH-EXTREM C52without couplinghvv 222
PH-EXTREM B65with Al couplinghvv 225
PH-EXTREM B65without couplinghvv 224
PH-EXTREM B75with Al couplinghvv 227
PH-EXTREM B75without couplinghvv 226


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