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New hoses developed on PH - Action hoses.

By strengthening the braid, especially in the warp, and supplementing the anti-abrasion scuffing, there was a significant increase in the abrasion resistance.

This hoses are especially for using in the forest or mountain terrain. There is a high risk of mechanical damage.

They consist of three layers. The outside layer is a high-strength PES yarn, the inside liner is black EPDM rubber and the middle, bonding layer is white. The destructive pressure of these hoses is in the table according to the type.

Technical details hoses PH - PROLINE D25, C38, C42, C52, B65, B75

Inside diameter (mm)253842526575
Minimal failure pressure (MPa)86,36,46,45,65,16
Testing pressure (MPa)62,42,42,42,42,4
Working pressure (MPa)1,61,61,61,61,61,6
Weight without coupling (g/m) 160282300366498583
Weight with coupling (kg/20m) 3,456,16,77,911,112,6
Length (m)202020202020

These technical data are only informative.

Trade nameComes withCatalogue No.
PH-PROLINE D25without couplinghvv 199
PH-PROLINE D25with Al couplinghvv 200
Trade nameComes withCatalogue No.
PH-PROLINE C38without couplinghvv 201
PH-PROLINE C38with Al couplinghvv 202
PH-PROLINE C42without couplinghvv 203
PH-PROLINE C42with Al couplinghvv 204
PH-PROLINE C42with forged couplinghvv 205
PH-PROLINE C52without couplinghvv 206
PH-PROLINE C52with Al couplinghvv 207
PH-PROLINE C52with forged couplinghvv 208
Trade nameComes withCatalogue No.
PH-PROLINE B65without couplinghvv 209
PH-PROLINE B65with Al couplinghvv 210
PH-PROLINE B65with forged couplinghvv 211
PH-PROLINE B75without couplinghvv 212
PH-PROLINE B75with Al couplinghvv 213
PH-PROLINE B75with forged couplinghvv 214


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