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A revolutionary firefighting product to reduce property damage caused by water.


PH ATOMIC – Water Mist Fire Suppression Lance “Attack” consists of a stainless-steel nozzle body, a spike with 16x1.9mm holes on each side around the perimeter, a ball valve and an inlet part fitted with Storz D25 Brass coupling for a pressure of 40 bar.

The ball valve can be used to close or open the mist nozzle. This PH ATOMIC mist lance is designed for spraying water by direct spray of mist.


Always use protective gloves to operate the PH ATOMIC mist lance

When using PH ATOMIC mist lance in enclosed spaces, it is sufficient to create a hole in the door, window, roof, etc., and fight the fire with water mist without the need for firefighter entry. This is a step forward in firefighter Health & Safety, preventing also access of air to the fire. With the use 70 l of water per minute, the mist completely evaporates minimising secondary damage to property.


PH ATOMIC mist lance should not be used to create holes in hard materials (brick walls, concrete, stone, wood, etc.). In these materials, it is absolutely necessary to first make a hole of the required diameter (e.g. by drilling or using a hammer) for the subsequent use of the fog spike.


Available in two length sizes, 55 cm and 150 cm


55 cm

150 cm


1.5 kg

2.6 kg


Stainless steel


21 cm


10 cm

Maximum pressure

40 bar

Order details:                                                                  

Name: PH ATOMIC “Attack”                                           

Length 55 cm                                                                   

Cat.No: vv 371                                                                 

Order details:                                                                  

Name: PH ATOMIC “Attack”                                           

Length 100 cm                                                                   

Cat.No: vv 371/100

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