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PH - ACTION C42 Fire Orange
This insulated fire hose is designed especially for professional and volunteer fire brigades. It can be used at temperatures from -30°C to +70°C.

Its marking consists of three colour strips in the order blue-red-blue. Outside colour of the polyester fibre is orange, the inner rubber liner is of black colour. The hose is certified to pr. EN 1924.

Trade name of the hosePH – ACTION C42 Fire Orange
Inner diameter (mm)42
Minimum burst pressure (MPa)4.5
Test pressure (MPa)2.25
Maximum working pressure (MPa)1.5
Weight without coupling (g/m)205
Weight with couplings (kg/20m)4,8
Available lengths (m)up to 50
Trade nameComes withCatalogue No.
PH - ACTION C42 Fire Orangewithout couplingshvv 098
PH - ACTION C42 Fire Orangewith couplingshvv 099
PH - ACTION C42 Fire Orangewith forged couplingshvv 099-K

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