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Distributor with ball valve B – CBCDistributor with ball valve B – CBC

The distributor is used for division of a water stream of 75 into two streams of 52 and one of 75. The outlet flanges are equipped with ball valves providing the possibility of closing and regulating the individual streams.


Weight6.38 kg
Working pressure1.6 MPa
Height260 mm
Width360 mm
Depth340 mm

2 x C 52. 1 x B 75

MaterialLight metals alloy
Couplings C 52, B 75Al alloy
Cat. No.vv 120

Loss of pressure

Direction of flowLoss of pressureLoss coefficient ζ (maximum value)
Q (l/min)∆p (bar)
75 - 522000.062.5
75 - 758000.202.5

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