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Suction hose PH-Sport 110 – red

Exceptionally elastic PVC hose produced from super-elastic material with a shock-proof spiral.

Maximally elastic PVC hose made of extremely elastic material and equipped with a shock-proof spiral.

  • The inside surface is smooth; the outside surface is slightly knurled.
  • Due to special components, the hose may be used even at low temperatures.
  • It is resistant to most chemicals and UV radiation.
Inside Ø105 mm
Weight2800 g/m
Wall thickness6,8 mm
Minimum bend radius335 mm
Working pressure at temperature 23±2°C1,3 kg/cm2
Working pressure at temperature 55±2°C0,4 kg/cm2
Burst pressure at temperature 23±2°C6,5 kg/cm
Depression6 m/H2O
Length (mm)Cat. number
1600vv 149
2500vv 147


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